So, who am I?

Hi, I'm Aisling.

I come from a small town in the midlands of Ireland on the River Shannon. I've experienced every challenge imaginable from teachers not believing in me, people around me telling me I couldn't do it (more often than not!), graduating into a recession with an economy barely recovering and where prospects were low - to name a few.

I struggled to get a HR job though it was my dream to work in this area. I eventually landed a job in a recruitment agency but still wanted further training in HR. After (what felt like a million!) job applications I landed a fantastic job, worked extremely hard, pushed for further opportunities and progression constantly and received 3 promotions in 3 years. I became HR Business Partner and pursued another role before starting my Coaching & Consultancy Business.

I have overcome every obstacle that I've faced. I drowned out the non-believers and the people telling me I couldn't do it and I proved them wrong.

I started my business as I have a great passion for helping others and seeing them succeed. I believe it's my absolute sole purpose in life. I am the one in my client's corner cheering them on and helping them see they can do it!

I have over 8 years experience in Recruitment, Human Resources and Coaching, experiencing every aspect of the employee lifecycle. I recruited hundreds of people, screened thousands of CV's, coached hundreds of employees and managers.

I've worked with over 100 clients in my business to date and have helped them achieve opportunities and land their dream jobs that they never thought possible for them.

And I can help you too, check out my online courses and apply to work with me below so we can discuss how I can help you further.

I look forward to helping you on your journey 😊