3 quick tips to stand out in the application process!

Stand out in your job search today!

7/27/20221 min read

3 things you can start implementing today to help you stand out in your job search:

1. Take care of your email communication with the recruiter. If you have typos, forget to write their first name, come across as unenthusiastic or short in your emails, then this will leave a lasting impression with the recruiter - not in a good way.

2. Be realistic with the roles you are applying for. If you match 6 out of 10 requirements apply. But if you are missing a key skill or qualification, then don't apply. e.g. Applying for a Sharepoint Developer role with no experience in Sharepoint. It would be more meaningful to connect with the recruiter to stay on their radar for the roles you do have experience in.

3. Prepare well for interviews. Don't go into an interview without knowing about the company you are applying for. When asked "give a specific example of..." do not give a broad example. If you need a few seconds to think of a specific example, that's ok, take the time, but this is your chance to shine and show your experience, so make sure you take the opportunity and WOW the recruiter.

Master these 3 items and you are well on your way to standing out and success in your job search!